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18 Months Shelf Life 100uL Urine MOR Morphine Drug Rapid Test Kit

18 Months Shelf Life 100uL Urine MOR Morphine Drug Rapid Test Kit

  • 18 Months Shelf Life 100uL Urine MOR Morphine Drug Rapid Test Kit
  • 18 Months Shelf Life 100uL Urine MOR Morphine Drug Rapid Test Kit
  • 18 Months Shelf Life 100uL Urine MOR Morphine Drug Rapid Test Kit
  • 18 Months Shelf Life 100uL Urine MOR Morphine Drug Rapid Test Kit
18 Months Shelf Life 100uL Urine MOR Morphine Drug Rapid Test Kit
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Newscen
Certification: ISO9001, CE, TUV, FDA
Model Number: MOR
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Boxes or 400 Kits (40 Kits/Box)
Price: Negotiable as per Order Quantity
Packaging Details: 40 Kits/Box, 50 Boxes/Carton, 317g/Box, 18kgs/Carton, Box Size: 250x125x65mm, Carton Size: 650x510x330mm
Delivery Time: 8 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100,000 Kits Per Day
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Detailed Product Description
Category: Drug Abuse Detection Specimen: Urine
Methodology: Colloidal Gold OEM/ODM: Available
Main Feature: Fast, Easy, Accurate CE Certificate: YES
High Light:

Morphine Rapid Detection Cassette


MOR Rapid Detection Cassette


100uL Urine MOR Detection Cassette

MOR Fast Test Kit Drug Abuse Fast Test Morphine Rapid Screen Test Cassette


Intended Use


The Morphine Rapid Screen Test Cassette is a rapid qualitative competitive binding immunoassay for determination of Morphine and their metabolites in urine.

Summary and Explanation of The Test


The MOR Gold Rapid Screen Test Cassette is a fast and easy to read membrane chromatographic immunoassay with no need for instrument. The method employs a unique combination of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to specifically identify Morphine in urine with a high degree of sensitivity.


Morphine, one of opiates’ derivatives, is central nervous system stimulants that produce alertness, wakefulness, increased energy, reduced hunger, and an overall feeling of well-being. Morphine has been the preferred drug for the management of pain in cases of advanced cancer and other severe conditions.


Morphine and other Opiates’ metabolites may be detected in urine as a result of heroin morphine, codeine, or poppy seed intake. Administration of large doses of Morphine can cause tolerance and physiological dependence in users, and can lead to substance abuse.


D-Morphine is controlled substances. GC/MS or immunoassay method has been developed for the determination of 300ng/ml for Morphine.


Reagents and Materials Provided


Test Device

A pouched cassette contains a single test for Amphetamine



A transfer pipette seal in foil pouch together with test device


Operating Instruction


Materials Required But Not Provided


- Clock or Timer

- A container for specimen collection


Warning and Precautions


- For in vitro diagnostic use only.

- Do not use kit beyond the expiration date.

- Urine specimens may be infectious; properly handle and dispose of all used reaction devices in biohazard container.


Sample Collection and Preparation


Collect a fresh urine sample in a clean, dry container, either plastic or glass, without any preservatives. Urine specimens may be refrigerated (2-8℃) and stored up to 72 hours before testing. Urine samples exhibiting visible precipitates should be filtered, centrifuged or allowed to settle. Use only clear aliquots for testing.


Assay Procedure


- Bring the urine sample and test components to room temperature if refrigerated.

- When ready to test, open the pouch at the notch and remove the test device. Place the test device on a clean, flat surface.

- Fill the urine dropper with specimen. Holding the dropper vertically, dispense 2-3 drops (about 70-100µl) of urine without air bubble into the sample well.

- Read the result in 5-10 minutes.


Interpretation of Results

18 Months Shelf Life 100uL Urine MOR Morphine Drug Rapid Test Kit 0


- Negative: Two pink color bands appear. This indicates MOR in the specimen is below the detection sensitivity (300ng/ml).


- Positive: Only one pink band for control appears. This indicates the MOR in the specimen is above the detection sensitivity.


- Invalid: The presence of a control line is necessary to validate test performance. If no band appears the test should be repeated with a new test device.


Note: There is no meaning attributed to color intensity for C and T lines.



The kits should be stored at temperature 4-30℃ the sealed pouch for the duration of the shelf life (18 months).


Limitation of The Procedure


1. This product is designed for use with human urine only


2. Although the test is very accurate, there is a possibility false results will occur due to the presence of interfering substances in the urine.


3. The test is a qualitative screening assay and is not for determining quantitative concentration levels or the level of intoxication.


4. Adulterants such as bleach or other strong oxidizing agents, when added to urine specimens may produce erroneous test results regardless of the analysis method used. If an adulteration is suspected, obtain another fresh urine specimen and retest.


Performance Characteristics


1. Sensitivity.


The MOR Gold Rapid Screen Test Cassette is designed for the detection of Morphine and the major metabolite in human urine at the cut-off detection level of 300ng/ml. To verify test sensitivity, a standard panel of MOR was prepared by spiking fresh normal human pooled urine specimens with MOR standard at concentrations of 0, 150, 300 and 600ng/mL. This procedure tested 13 devices per standard level. All samples at concentrations below 300ng/ml tested negative. All samples at concentrations equal to or above 300ng/ml tested positive. The sensitivity of the y.b.t MOR Gold Rapid Screen Test was thus determined to be 300ng/ml. Results per MOR standard concentration are tabulated on the Table below:


MOR Gold Rapid

Screen Test

MOR Connection (ng/ml)
0 150 300 600
Qty. Tested 13 13 13 13
Positive 0 0 13 13
Negative 13 13 0 0


In the study, negative and positive human urine were tested by three batches MOR Gold Rapid Screen Test Cassette. The Negative and Positive results are 100% accuracy.


2. Specificity.


Cross-Reactivity Testing:


The MOR Gold Rapid Screen Test Cassette demonstrates no cross-reactivity with following chemical compounds at 100ug/ml.


Acetophenetidin Lidocaine Acetylsalicylic acid
Methadone Amitriptyline Methamphetamine
D-Norpropoxyphene Codeine Caffeine
Cocaine Diamorphine Diazepam
Marijuana Ibuprofen Narceine
Narceine Amphetamine  

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